How to Erasebook

So, you’ve decided to delete Facebook once and for all.

Zuckerberg won’t be happy. He makes a lot of money abusing your personal data, and he’ll try to hold on to it. 

You probably have stuff you want to keep, like pictures and messages from friends. You signed up for Facebook a long time ago, before you knew they were a bunch of creeps. 

This data is YOUR property and it is YOUR RIGHT to keep it.

Good news! Much of the content is portable. You can easily download your data from “Settings” before deleting your account permanently. 

You can access your “Settings” by clicking the triangle icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. From there, your Settings will be accessible under the “Settings & Privacy” menu.



Once you are in your Settings, click on the "Your Facebook Information" tab in the left-hand column. 

Next, choose the "Download Your Information" option. You can choose to download in HTML or JSON formats. When you have decided which format, click on the “Create File” button. Here is some quick info on the differences if you need it.  

Your data will be delivered to you in folders that you can store on computers, hard-drives, or an external drive/thumb stick.

Next, wipe your entire Facebook account. If you leave your data behind, they will keep using it. And abusing it.

Finally, you can delete your account permanently...


...ready for the fine print? There’s always fine print. 

According to Facebooks crummy Terms of Service, they can hold your data indeterminately in case they ever get asked for it by government. Not a criminal you say? They might keep it anyhow. Creeps.

This only proves how right we are to Erasebook. Whatever they do from this point forward, at least it won't be with our consent, with our sanction.