Parler Responds to Facebook’s Move to Block

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  • Source: Erasebook
  • 09/08/2020
Free speech platform calls Publisher’s move another example of Technoauthoritarianism

Las Vegas, Nevada – Parler, the People-driven social platform, today issued the following statement on Facebook’s blocking across its platform—within minutes of it going live—the informational website

“Facebook blocks Apparently, the fact-checker does not want to be fact checked. It’s not the first time that Facebook has resorted to content curation to push its agenda-driven narrative, as many publishers do,” said Parler CEO John Matze. “Facebook manipulates what we see, hear, write, read and say—in an effort to control what we think and do.

“I encourage critical thinkers everywhere to visit, to get the facts and join the movement at Parler.”


Parler launched the website on Friday, September 3 as a place for individuals to get facts on Facebook’s content-moderation and data-mining practices, and to help users reclaim their personal information.

Erasebook by Tricia Carr is licensed under Parler Images, Parler