Facebook to use internal detection method to remove all QAnon accounts

Facebook has moved to ban all QAnon accounts "even if they contain no violent content" from its platforms, an escalation over the site's previous policy update terminating "offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests."

In August, Facebook announced an initial expansion of the social media platform's policy towards violent networks in the United States, titled, "An Update to How We Address Movements and Organizations Tied to Violence."

"Today we are taking action against Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts tied to offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests, US-based militia organizations and QAnon," Facebook administration wrote at the time in a press release.

In relation to riot instigators and insurgents "including some who may identify as Antifa," Facebook reported that over 980 groups, 520 Pages, and 160 ads were eliminated and over 1,400 hashtags related to these groups and organizations on Instagram were restricted.

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