Facebook Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)

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  • Source: Medium
  • 12/03/2020

I had a strange moment last week that helped me realize that Facebook — the social media platform I’ve used for more than a decade — is about to go extinct. And, like the dodo bird and carrier pigeon, it probably doesn’t see it coming.

I have the privilege of teaching Sunday school every week (via Zoom) to a bunch of fantastic teenagers aged 14–16. They’re all digital natives with a high degree of cultural savvy, a strong distaste for anything that violates their personal privacy, and a nose for political bullshit.

So naturally, none of them have Facebook.

I asked if any of their friends have it. They laughed. Not a single one could think of any friends who still had Facebook. One of the boys filled me in: “Dude…Facebook is for moms and grandparents.”

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Facebook by Greg Bulla is licensed under Unsplash Unsplash License